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Welcome to the Fallen Shard Campaign

This is our Monday night gaming homepage!

1. Characters start at level 1

2. Characters may not start evil

3. Characters receive starting gold for their class and an additional 200GP for equipment due to travel, work, background, etc.

4. All Characters must have a backstory. Be it short and sweet, or long and full of trials.

5. Magical items are not given away, they are earned. They will be discovered as loot, or be created for / by the PC’s.

6. Custom classes, races, feats, flaws, and skills are available and approved if they come from an approved and published D&D source, or come from the D&D wiki. They will need to be approved before game play by the DM.

7. Have fun, be original. make something unique, if you can imagine it then you can do it. Live by the rule of cool.

8. The world you are entering has been affected by an event known simply as “the Cataclysm”, little is known about the event but due to its occurrence magic doesn’t work as it should. Until a player reaches level 10 anyone using Arcane magic suffers a chance to surge as a wild mage.

Home Page

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